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Thesis Topic of Postgraduates in Institute of population research

Topic of Thesis

Comparative analysis of the reasons for the declining birth rate / fertility rate of Taiwan and Fujian.

Comparative study of women contraception mode in Pingluo and Sihui county.

China endowment insurance industry in market economy - system study of savings and dividends on endowment insurance.

Analysis of factors which affect women's social status, family status.

Application of Demographic analysis in the planning of housing construction - A Case Study of Beijing.

Discuss of pension reform in Beijing non-state-owned industrial and commercial units and individuals.

Marriage squeeze: The present and future of China.

Exploration of population and commercial distribution in Haidian District, Beijing.

The relation between status of women and changes in the fertility level based on the investigation in Pingluo and Sihui county.

Compare of abortion mode among four counties of Hebei ,Shandong.

The effect of China's population growth on the economic growth - based on the analysis of several quantitative indicators.

Analysis of contraception and impact of married women of childbearing age in four counties of Hebei, Shandong.

Changes in rural communities and rural communities’ population modernization.

Analysis of the main factors in the density and depth of life insurance.

Analysis of factors which affect China's labour force participation of the elderly.

The reasons for rural young people’s dropping out of school and its impact on the population control as well as the measures.

The expansion of China's multiregional urban and rural population forecast model and its software optimization.

Index study of China aged population’s life quality.

The establishment of standard regional model of first marriage and child birth in China.

Comparative study of relationship between states and people in Jitai Basin  and the Pearl River Delta.

Research of relation between migration and poverty alleviation.

Comparative Study of the efficiency of higher education investment between India and China.

Factors which affect farmers’ taking part in the social endowment insurance - Based on the survey of six villages in Shandong, Anhui.

Multifactor analysis of the quality of urban families pension - An empirical study of Baoding in Hebei.

The status of male participation in family planning and its influencing factors in four counties of southern Jiangsu and northern Anhui.

Study of the Hong Kong immigration in Australia after World War II.

The social factors of the old people’s health status in Guangxi.

Several factors of urban elderly living arrangements.

Microeconomic analysis of the formation of the urban poor population in social transition period: A case study of Beijing.

Analysis of obstacles to the re-employment of laid-off workers.

Senior intellectuals’ assessment of the health status and influencing factors – A case study of Peking University and the community of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The status of gender preferences and impact analysis in six counties of Jiangsu, Anhui and Yunnan provinces.

Analysis of the characteristics of population migration in the North Sea in 1990s.

China's urban poverty alleviation and system innovation in period of social transition.

Study of old people’s leisure activities in Beijing in 1999.

Reproductive health status of Chinese rural women of childbearing age and impact analysis.

Effect of smoking on gender differences of average life expectancy in China.

Exploration of the reasons for drop-out girls in economically developed regions.

The situation of Beijing floating population’s retention time and analysis of its impact factors.

Education level of China's population and analysis of employment structure.

Comparative study of two old-age security funding in China and the China’s choice.

Research of the needs of the elderly and community services in Beijing.

The level of regional population longevity and its non-individual factors.

Analysis of rural women's reproductive and reproductive behavior who stay out of home.

Changes of residents’ living conditions and research on the process of modernization in Xiazhuang Beijing in 1990s.

Discuss of human resources and employment issues in Shenzhen.

Status of urban poor elderly in Beijing and research on social assistance.

Physical health status study of the elderly before death.

Use of maternal health services in rural areas and its influencing factors.

Practitioners’ distribution of migrant farm workers in Beijing and the influencing factors.

Influencing factors of elders’ living arrangements in China and the study of relationship between it and the elderly mortality.

Interactive analysis of payment system in medical services provider.

Study of married women’s reproductive behavior in Deqin Village, Tibet Autonomous Region.

Analysis of the non-medical factors which affect Chinese female health.

Study of factors which impact the will of urban elderly to live in pension agency in Beijing.

Empirical study of protection status of the elderly in Beijing.

Variance analysis of urban elders’ living conditions in Beijing.

Study of population’s cultural quality in Beijing.

The impact analysis of Sex selective abortion in rural areas - A Case of Henan Province.

Status of marrying age difference in couples who are head of households in 1990 and study of its formation mechanism.

Study of development in overseas tourists in Beijing.

Analysis of the combined effect of urban elders’ “housing endowment” in Beijing.

Household changes and its impact factors in China over the past 50 years.

Status of rural residents’ reproductive will in Guangxi and empirical analysis of its influencing factors.

Empirical study of Chinese urban female’s employment satisfaction in the transition period.

Analysis of the elders’ health self-evaluation.

Study of Chinese women’s time of marriage and child rearing in the 1990s.

Study of family endowment in Northern Yixian Village, Shandong Province.

Health self-assessment of senile elders and prediction of mortality risk and gender differences.

Compare of housing marketization among China cities and analysis of influencing factors in Social demography.

Exploration of factors of senile elders’ dangerous cognition in China.

Status of urban elders’ demands for health products in Beijing and analysis of its influencing factors.

Analysis of factors of abnormal high sex ratio at birth in Anyue County.

Empirical analysis of life quality of fishing families in Zhoushan.

Analysis of individual factors which impact the movement time of floating population - Dongguan, Guangdong as an example.

Choice of contraceptive methods for Chinese female of childbearing age and analysis of influencing factors.

Analysis of factors which impact urban elders’ employment will in Beijing.

Situation of use of gynecological health services for Chinese women of childbearing age and analysis of its influencing factors.

characteristic of reproductive behaviour of migrant women of childbearing age and analysis of its influencing factors - Shenzhen as an example.

Research of influencing factors of girl students’ will of marriage and child bearing in universities in 5 cities.

Correlation study of Chinese elders’ emotional self-evaluation and life satisfaction.

Analysis of influencing factors of Beijing elders’ migration will.

Living arrangement changes of Chinese senile elders and empirical study of its influencing factors.

Children’s concepts of filial piety in the practice of family endowment and analysis of its influencing factors – Children of senile elders in 8 coastal provinces and cities as an example.



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