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Brief Introduction of Students Education in the Institute of Population Research, Peking University


        The Institute of Population Research, Peking University (IPR-PKU) is one of the first institutions that conduct research and education in demography, and also one of the first key institutions that received funding from UNFPA. Its precursor is the Population Research Cell under the Department of Economics, Peking University, established in 1979. In 1984, under the authorization of the Ministry of Education, it extended to the now IPR-PKU, and recruited students for Master degree in the same year. Since 1991, it began to recuit Ph.D candidates. It was named as WHO Collaborating Center on Reproductive Health and Population Science in 1991.

IPR-PKU now has a 4-year Ph.D degree in Demography, which includes courses such as Special Studies on Population Sciences, Special Studies on Population Health and Health Economics, Advanced Appliced Statistics, Special Studies on Population and Economy, Special Studies on Aging and Social Problems. Is has 4 3-year Master degrees in Demography, Politic Economics, Population, Resource and Environment Economics, and Gerontology. Students majored in Demography and Gerontology will be awarded Master or Ph. D of Law, and those majored in Politic Economics, Population, Resource and Environment Economics will be awarded Master of Ph. D of Economics. Since 1995, IPR-PKU has recruited 57 Ph. D candidates, 144 students for Master degree, including 69 majoring in Demography, 33 in Politic Economics, 32 in Population, Resource and Environment Economics and 10 in Gerontology.

        IPR-PKU began to recruit international students since 1992, and has more than 20 until now, including 1 Ph. D candidates. Courses for international students are all taught in English, including Demographic Analysis Technique, Methodology for Social Sciences, Social Sciences Research on Population and Reproductive Health, World Population, Demographic Economics, Population and Society, Social Statistics and Computer Application, Qualitative Research Method, Theory and Practice of Social Gender Development, and Business Demography.

        As Demography is inter-disaplinary, students have strong capability in methmetic and statistic analysis and computer application after systematic study in IPR-PKU. Graduates from IPR-PKU often receive high praise from their working post for their comprehensive ability. Meanwhile, since 50% of the courses are taught in English, students are also fluent in Enlish, and 1/3 of the graduates go abroad for further studies.


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