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The Research Team of IPR ,PKU was Invited to the SymposiumSymposium on Sex Education and Sexual and Reproductive Health in China: From Research to Action

    From 25th to 27th may 2010, Yukun Hu, associate professor and the other six members of the youth sex and reproductive research team of IPR ,PKU were invited to the symposium 《Symposium on Sex Education and Sexual and Reproductive Health in China: From Research to Action》.The symposium was jointly sponsored by Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research、Colleges for Advanced Training of Teachers in Zhabei Dirsect(Shanghai) and School of Public Health, Fudan University. There were about 200 people present at the symposium, including officials、scholars and researchers. Such as, Xiaomei Ru, National Population and Family Planning Commission of P.R.China, International Cooperation Division, Deputy Director; Dr. Mariam Khan, UNFPA Deputy Representative in China; Dr. Iqbal Shah, WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research; Dr. Patanjali Naya, WPRO; etc. There were seventeen keynote speeches in three-day meeting. The keynote speech《Policy Options on Accessibility of Chinese Youth Reproductive Health Information and Service》 was reported by associate professor Hu represented IPR,PKU, and received enthusiastic response and acclaim
  The Symposium set up a unit 《Status on China Youth Sex and Reproductive Health Information and Service》 for the first national survey of youth reproductive health which jointly launched by IPR of PKU, the State Council Working Committee on Women and UNFPA. Youli Han, He Chan, Rongrong Yang and Ting Lin who are PhD candidates of IPR respectively made a speech at this unit, and discussed with the other participants. The project of youth access to reproductive health in china caused wide concern among the experts and acquired approval. Associate professor Hu and Xuguan Wang respectively joined the other units and obtained plenty of important information and experience.
   In short three-day meeting, participants shared with the global important information on sex and reproductive health, and discussed the research progress and future direction. It had an agreement that interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of reproductive health is necessary. It was also at the meeting shared with learning experience, project experience and teaching experience. It emphasized the purpose of the meeting, from research to action. Finally, the symposium ended up with a warm applause of the participants.


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