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PKUIPR holds the International Forum on social security & social service for people with disabilities, the executive deputy director Chen Gong speeches in the keynote report


On Dec 1-2, the International Forum on social security & social service for people with disabilities has been held in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. The forum is co-sponsored by China Disabled Persons’ Federation(CDPF)、China Disability Research Society、Peking University、Renmin University of China、Shandong University and Jilin University. More than 200 delegates attended the forum, including the officials and the delegates of the disabled persons’ organizations from Germany、Denmark、Belgium、Sweden、Luxembourg and Norway as well as experts and scholars from Peking University、Renmin University of China、Jilin University、Shandong University、Ministry of Civil Affairs、Ministry of Education、People's Insurance Department and the Ministry of Health. Deng Pufang, the vice-president of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC)、the Honorable President of CDPF and China Disability Research Society sent a congratulatory letter to the forum. Zhang Haidi, the president of CDPF addresses the significance of the forum to improve life quality of persons with disabilities. On behalf of Peking University, Geng Qin, the deputy director of social sciences department, Peking University, gave a warm congratulation to the forum, Speeches by the vice-governor of Guangdong Province、the vice-director of working committee for disability 、the Chancellor of Shandong University、the Chancellor of Jilin University and the Consul General of Belgium in Guangzhou followed.

On behalf of the Research Center of Development on Disability and the population health research group of PKUIPR, the executive deputy director, Professor Chen Gong speeches in the keynote report titled as “Two directions for the development of disability”. He noted that “China is now facing with both the golden time of development and the period of prominent contradictions. Standing from a new starting point, the development of disability faces great challenges and opportunities. Not only people with disability but all the people involved in the project of disability. It is a great social concern and responsibility of the whole society. There are two main directions of the development: One is to prevent disability, the other is to strengthen the social security and services for persons with disabilities.” Professor Chen comments the presentations of three experts from the UK、Sweden、Norway and two domestic officials subsequently. The research on project of disability accomplished by Peking University gains a grand reputation.   

As a national major event of the 18th “World Disability Day” on December 3, 2009, The progress achieved from this forum will be applied to the practice of social security and services for people with disabilities, which will provide theoretical support for introducing relevant policies and improving the existing social security and service policies to people with disabilities. It would be very helpful to establish a relatively complete social security and service system for people with disabilities in China.

Institute of Population Research, Peking University (PKUIPR) has been dedicated to the research on subjects of people with disabilities. Affiliated with PKUIPR, Research Center of Development on Disability, Peking University (PKURCDD) was established in 2007 and honored to have Zhang Guoyou, the vice-president of Peking University, as the Center Director. The research center participated in the organization and initiation of the National Disability and Development Research Council, and played a positive role in the major policy advice of the development and the decision of the project of disability. PKURCDD and PKUIPR have been in great efforts to carry forward the humanitarian spirit, to carry out policy theory researches and academic exchanges, and to promote sound and rapid development. It had achieved a fruitful research products and good reputation by far. PKURCDD has been awarded the second outstanding scientific research institutions among humanities and social sciences, Peking University, in year 2009.

The opening ceremony of the International Forum on social security & social service for people with disabilities

Prof. Geng Qin, the vice-minister of social science department, Peking University speeches on the opening ceremony

Prof. Chen Gong, the executive deputy director makes the keynote report on the opening ceremony

Prof. Chen Gong attends the parallel session as the commentator



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