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Communiqué on The monitoring data report of situation and progress of well-off for people with disabilities in year 2009 , Chen Gong, the executive deputy director of PKUIPR attends the News Conference


Dec. 1, 2009Report of the monitoring data on situation and progress of well-off for people with disabilities in year 2009 has been published. China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) and Chinese Welfare Fund for the Handicapped (CWFH) hold the News Conference. More than 30 Medias including Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily report the spectacular event. Research Centre of CDPFPKUIPR and National Bureau of Statistics Institute of Statistical Science completed the report which is based on the results of the monitoring data on people with disabilities in year 2009. Prof. Chen Gong, executive deputy director of PKUIPR, attended the News Conference and answered the reporters’ questions. He also explained figures as well as the progress of monitoring and the development of project of disabilities.

It is the third year to monitoring the situation of people with disabilities since 2007. It starts from Apr.1,2008 and ends on Apr.1,2009. 34866 persons with disabilities, which are sampled from 1467 survey communities in 31 provinces autonomous regions and municipalities were covered. Through monitoring the 17 items which include the survival development and environment of people with disability, in 2009, It reaches 53.5% of standard on well-off progress which is 3 percents higher than last year. The living situation as well as securities and service level of people with disabilities are improving gradually, however, It is lower 20 percents compared to the national average level (74.6%). Much more concern should be given with regard to many difficulties in medical treatment, rehabilitation, education, employment and social participation for people with disability. Regular monitoring reports on the situation and progress of well-off for people with disabilities annually provide extensive data support and aimed countermeasures which can improve the project of disabilities sound and rapidly.

Press Conference


Prof. Chen Gong attends the Press Conference 


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