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Dr. Subinay Nandy visited Institute of Population Research, Peking University(IPRPKU)


    Dr. Subinay Nandythe Country Director of United Nations Development Programmme visited Institute of Population ResearchPeking University on June 22 2009, and carried out a lecture entitled  ‘China National Human Development Report 2007/08: Access for all - Basic public services for 1.3 billion people’. Including the Director of PKUIPR Professor Zheng Xiaoying, Deputy Director Professor Chen Gong, Professor Qiao Xiaochun,  Professor Song Xinming and  more than 10 teachers and 20 students of PKUIPR, the meeting presided over by Professor Pang Lihua. At the meeting, Dr. Subinay Nandy gave a brief statement of ‘China National Human Development Report 2007/08’, and combining with the theme of ‘establishment of basic public services for 1.3 billion people’, he analyzed the importance of realizing the equalization of basic public services in the background of financial crisis, and gave some recommendations on basic public services in rural and urban areas.

        Dr. Subinay Nandy commended the progress and success of Chinese economy. And he also indicated that the access for basic public services for all the people in China could stimulate the economic growth in the context of financial crisis, in order to enhance the confidence in coping with the crisis in China and all over the world. In his lecture on the report, Dr. Subinay Nandy emphasized the significant effect on rural population to economic recovery and development as well as the importance of raising basic public services in the rural areas. Dr. Subinay Nandy said that financial crisis might result in a greater gap between urban and rural areas and the gap between rich and poor, and  the government to take appropriate measures and interventions to assist rural population to cope with. The potential needs of the rural areas were very large, so realizing the equalization of basic public services by improving the public services in rural areas could stimulate the investment and consumption of rural population, which was conducive to cope with financial crisis, but also played an irreplaceable role in the economic development in China.

        After the finished report, Professors and students gave their own opinion about several hotspot issues, such as definition of equality, Public Service system, New Health care reform.More over, they were in-depth discussion with Dr. Subinay Nandy. The meeting was ended after Professor Zheng Xiaoying expressing her gratitude to Dr Subinay Nandy.

Dr. Subinay Nandy (the Country Director of UNDP)

 mentioning the focus of UN on China is not merely GDP.

About 30 students and teachers gathered

in the lecture room of IPR and discussed with Dr. Subinay Nandy.



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