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Demography - A Major Discipline Requires a Greater Development ---- Investigation and Research to Institute of Population Research (IPR) by President Zhou Qifeng and other university leaders


   On the afternoon of May 29thMr Zhou Qifeng, President of Peking University, went to IPR for a meeting of investigation and research. The President was accompanied by Vice President Mr. Ju Chuanjin and Mr. Zhang Guoyou, Assistant to President Mr. Li Xiaoming, together with the Heads of Department of Development Planning, Division of Social Science, Graduate School, Personnel Department, Accounting Department, Management of Real Estate and other relevant departments. The meeting was chaired by Ms Zheng Xiaoying, Director of IPR and attended by Mr Song Xinming, Party branch secretary of IPR, Mr Chen Gong, Executive Deputy Director of IPR and some teaching staff and students from the Institute. 

      On behalf of the IPR, Mr Chen Gong reported their work and programs to the university leaders. By explaining the history and overview, development and reform as well as the opportunities and challenges of IPR, Mr Chen comprehensively introduced the construction and development of IPR over the past 25 years since its establishment.  By tracing back to the original direction of its scientific development from the source of demographic development, Mr Chen combined the distinctive features of IPR and scientifically positioned its subject characteristics.  In the practice fields of research and teaching, Mr Chen summarized the development patterns and directions of IPR as “Multidisciplinary + Team + Network + Internationalization”. He mentioned that scientific researches should serve the needs of major national strategies. The researches should be project-based and set the development of academic disciplines as its objective to achieve the resource sharing, resource recomposition and win-win cooperation.   

      Mr Chen presented that IPR’s teaching characteristics and cultivating model of postgraduates were “Teaching in English + Participation & Interaction + Academic Exchanges + Social Services”. Moreover, he reported principal difficulties and problems faced during the development of IPR to President Zhou and other departmental heads. The Director of IPR Ms Zheng Xiaoying, teaching staff, research staff and staff for student management addressed in the meeting respectively. They put forward several specific difficulties and urgent matters while establishing a first-class discipline, and proposed respective countermeasures and suggestions accordingly.

      President Zhou and relevant Departmental Heads listened carefully to the report of IPR and the addresses of all teachers, and then communicated and consulted with the Institute’s leading team concerning the problems addressed. President Zhou highly appreciated the IPR’s work which had closely served the national needs and strategies.  Furthermore, special credits were given to IPR for its achievements in teaching, research, and social services under such a difficult condition.  He also expressed his gratitude to IPR for its efforts to establish itself as a first-class discipline in Peking University (PKU).  He specially pointed out that erecting demographic research was a glorious tradition of PKU. Since China had the largest population in the world, which was a prominent characteristic, Demography was a major discipline that deserved a better development.  As such, he encouraged IPR to make a greater contribution.

      President Zhou responded to all issues raised during the meeting. He considered that Demography featured a particularly typical interdiscipline and PKU would further study how to support the cross-disciplinary planning and work out specific policies. Finally, he encouraged all staff in IPR that they should make full use of the integrated and multi-disciplinary setting and resources in PKU, continue the research cooperation among the schools and carry forward the spirit of perseverance to facilitate the further development of IPR, so as to make more contributions to establish PKU into a top-class university in the world.     




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