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Establishment of the Society of Research on Disability and Development

Prof. Zheng Xiaoying, Director of IPR, PKU Gave Keynote Speech


        On December 1, 2008, under the approval by the State Council, the first national research society for disabled persons, Society of Research on Disability and Development was announced its establishment. The opening ceremony, together with the 2nd Forum of Disability and Development in China were held in the Great Hall of the People, which is also a welcome to the International Day for Disabled Persons on December 3. China Research Center for Disability and Development, Peking University participated in the organization of this conference.

         Mr. Deng Pufang, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Honorary Chairman of CDPF gave the opening speech at the conference. Mr. Huang Shouhong, member of Party Committee of the State Council, and Minister of Agriculture, Prof. Zheng Gongcheng, member of the Standing Committee of the 11th CPC, and from People’s University of China, and Prof. Zheng Xiaoying, Director of the Institute of Population Research, Peking University gave keynote speeches on service and security for disabled persons in rural areas, construction of the social security system for disabled persons and disabled population and prevention. Prof. Zheng pointed out that china has 83 million people with disabilities, concerned with the welfare of 0.26 billion population and their families. In order to make a better life for disabled persons and their families, and at the same time reduce the prevalence of disability, we must control the occurrence and development of disability. According to the increase of total population of disabled persons and the proportion of them, as well as the change of disabled population structure and complicated courses for disability, she raise the proposal for strengthening the prevention of disability and implement a national action plan on disability prevention.


        Mr. Wang Xinxian, Secretary of Party Committee of CDPF and President of CDPF, Mr. Wang Naikun, Vice Standing President of CDPF, Mr. Dou Yupei, Vice Minister of Ministry of Civil Affairs, Mr. Xu Xianming, President of Shandong University, and officials and experts from China Social Science Academy, Peking University, People’s University of China, Shandong University, Jilin University, and other more than 50 departments and universities participated the opening ceremony and forum.

        The aim of the Society is to carry forward humanism spirit, and conduct research and exchange on policies and theories on disability, and push forward the development of the undertaking for disabled persons. The Society is consisted of experts from the Central China, State Council and research institutions and universities, as well as practitioners in this field. Mr. Deng Pufang is the Honorary President, Mr. Cheng Kai, Vice President of CDPF, is the President, and Mr. Chen Xinmin, Director of Research Office of CDPF, is the Chief Secretariat. The conference also invites Mr. Zhang Guoyou, Vice President of Peking University and Director of CRCDD to serve as its Vice President, and Prof. Chen Gong, Deputy Director of IPR, PKU, and Standing Vice Director of CRCDD to serve as its vice secretariat.


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