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Professor Zheng Xiaoying was invited to attend the international meeting of “A Population & Rights Dialogue” held in UK


     Oct. 22nd to 24th, 2008,  the Internation Meeting of “A Population & Rights Dialogue” was held by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) at Ston Easton Park in Somerset, UK. Invited by Dr. Gill Greer, the Director-General of IPPF, professor Zheng Xiaoying from Institute of Population Research, Peking University / WHO Collaborating Center on Reproductive Health and Population Science (IPRPKU) attended this important meeting.  The meeting focus on the key points of population changing, regional changing and rights, population, economy growth and political stability, population, climate changing and resource consumption. Dr. Lyn Thomas, the Exacutive Director of IPPF; Dr. Poul Nielson, the former European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid;  Dr. John Clelend, International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP ); and the other international organizations representatives with different academic background from all over the world also invited to attend this meeting.

    The meeting emphasized the topic of “population and rights” within the context of global debates and concerns such as climate change and global warming, the growing food crisis and rising commodity prices, concerns over energy and water supplies and the overarching global discussions on slowing global economic growth. The meeting aimed to promote and ensure that there is greater consideration of these issues and that the information available and used in wider global debates is founded upon the hard-won principles of the ICPD consensus.  And it also aimed to bring together a range of experts from diverse backgrounds, but with a strong technical and practical experience, to debate and develop the arguments for inclusion of more balanced consideration of population and reproductive health and rights issues. 

        Professor Zheng Xiaoying presented the practical study of views on “How to reach all the goals of MDGs in 2015” , ”How will population and population growth rate affect the the world to reach MDGs ”, “the new crisis brought by Global population ageing to health and social health care system” et al, on the meeting.



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