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the Institute of Population Research, Peking University Jointly Organize and Participate the International Conference: Multifacetal Aspects of Aging and Aging Diseases


On Oct. 29-31, 2008, the International Conference: Multifacetal Aspects of Aging and Aging Diseases, organized in joint cooperation of Eurasia-Pacific-UNINET and its member institutions, and hosted by Peking University Health Science Center, was held in Yi-Fu Teaching Building, Peking University Health Science Center. Mr. Ke Yang, Executive Vice-President of Peking University; Mr. Martin Sajdik, Austrian Ambassador to China, Beijing; Mr. Robert Schloegel, Vice-Minister of Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth; Ms. Christine Buzeczki, Deputy Director of International Research Cooperation, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research; and Ms. Brigitte Winklehner gave welcome speeches in the opening ceremony. IPR-PKU has maintained a long-term cooperation with Eurasia-UNINET and its member institutions. Faculties and students from IPR-PKU have been assigned to IIASA (International Institute of Applied System Analysis) for several times, and were quite productive. Professor Zheng Xiaoying from our institute participated in the organization of this conference. Prof. Chengong, Vice Director of IPR-PKU and Executive Vice Director of IAS-PKU (the Institute of Aging Studies, Peking University) co-chaired the first session with Mr. Robert Schloegel, Vice Minister of Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth , namely “demographic and socio-economic aspects of aging”. Dr. Liu Lan and Dr. Lin Yan’s papers, “Living Arrangement and its Determinants for the Elderly in China” and “Social Participation and Measurements” were accepted by the conference, and Dr. Lin Yan gave the presentations for these two papers during the seminar.

        The main focus of this conference was on age-related topics, including demographic and social-economic aspects of aging, biological aspects of aging, age-related diseases, home care, nursing and palliative care, and phytomedicine, etc. The aim of this conference is to promote discussion and exchange of Asian and European perspectives on the above questions.


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