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The members of leadership council, LSIF/APEC, visit IPRPKU Nov 13 2013
The seminar of human rights for the disabled and the public service Nov 05 2013
The eighth China aging industry summit BBS Oct 21 2013
IIASA and IPRPKU collaboration on environment and population health Oct 18 2013
Professor Zheng Xiaoying attended the fourth round of high-level dialogue of Sino-US cultural exchanges July 13 2013
IRPPKU redesigned as WHO Collaborating Centre for Research in Reproductive Health and Population Science Jun 27 2013
IPR PKU "reproductive health promotion and birth defects intervention base" settled in Shijiazhuang Mar 16 2013

The cooperation and exchange among the Institute of Population Research, Japan Research Institute, Japan Yamane Medicine

Sep 05 2012
Ma Yinchu symposium of the 130th birth anniversary July 25 2012
Dr. Zhang Lei  Attended "The 2nd Asia-Pacific CBR Congress " Dec 22 2011
The Ph.D. candidate He Chen obtain the “PKU Cai Zhai Scholarship” Nov 21 2011
A Student From IPR, Peking University Attended 2010 Annual Meeting of Canadian Population Society Jun 08 2010
The Research Team of IPR ,PKU was Invited to the "Symposium on Sex Education and Sexual and Reproductive Health in China: From Research to Action" May 27 2010
China’s First National Youth Reproductive Health Survey Released Preliminary Findings May 04 2010
The conference assessing the research proposal of the key project "Strategies and Measures on Disability Prevention in China" was held at Peking University Feb 10 2010
IPRPKU Attend the Meeting of WHO Collaborating Centers on Reproductive Health And Making Pregnancy Safer in the Western Pacific Region Jan 13 2010
PKUIPR holds the International Forum on Social Security & Social Service for People with Disabilities, the executive deputy director Chen Gong speeches in the keynote report Dec 01 2009
Dr. Subinay Nandy visited IPRPKU Jun 22 2009

Demography - A Major Discipline Requires a Greater Development ---- Investigation and Research to Institute of Population Research (IPR) by President Zhou Qifeng and other university leaders

May 30 2009
Cooperation agreement signing between PKUIPR with the Surmang Foundation and The Amara Project May 23 2009
4th Gerontologist Front Forum was held in Peking University Jan 09 2008
Dr. Lin Yan from the Institute of Population Research, Peking University Participated the Seminar on Elderly Care and Legislation Dec 22 2008
Prof.Zheng Xiaoying,Director of IPR,PKU Gave Keynote Speech: Establishment of the Society of Research on Disability and Development Dec 02 2008
Dr. Lin Yan from Institute of Population Research, Peking University participated seminar in Tokyo on the joint research project on disability Dec 01 2008
IPR Jointly Organize and Participate the International Conference: Multifacetal Aspects of Aging and Aging Diseases Nov 04 2008
Professor Zheng Xiaoying was invited to attend the international meeting of “A Population & Rights Dialogue” held in UK Oct 25 2008
Professor Zheng Xiaoying Serves as Committee Board Member Chinese Committee on Research of Early Child Development and Problem Oct 24 2008
The mobilization meeting for 17th “Challenge Cup” hold in IPR Oct 18 2008
Dr. Yukun Hu has created her own academic column in a comprehensive academic website Oct 17 2008
Tian Yanga graduate of PKU IPR went to Hong Kong for investigation Oct 17 2008
The First Joint Ph.D. Candidate of PKU-IPR and USC-SSW Came back Oct 11 2008
Qingfeng Li from IPR in PKU attended HDCA 2008 annual conference Oct 11 2008
Associate Professor Dr. Ren Qiang invited by the University of Michigan as Visiting Scholar Sep 30 2008
IPR,PKU participated in the Policy Development on Youth Access to Reproductive Health in China Sep 30 2008
Joint Research on Disability by IPR and Japan Institute Sep 30 2008
Congratulations for Dr. Ren Qiang’s Paper Issued on the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology Sep 30 2008
IPR, PKU Jointly Organized the Peking University People’s Hospital 90th Anniversary & 1st International Hospital Management Forum Sep 28 2008
The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) held the research conference on “Strategies for Ageing in place” in Tokyo Sep 13 2008
Zhang Bingzi attended 2008 Annual Conference in Great Britain Sep 13 2008
Prof. Mu Guangzong’s Visit to Hebei and Henan Provinces Aug 30 2008
12 Persons from IPR Participated in the Annual Conference of China Population Association Aug 28 2008
Cooperation under Discussion between IPR and Swinburne University of Technology July 30 2008
Prof. Zheng Xiaoying Participated the 13th Seminar on Promoting Modernization in China July 19 2008
Prof. Qiao went to Waterloo University, Canada as visiting professor July 04 2008
Professor Song Xinming’s Visit to Australia Jun 30 2008
Prof. Zheng Xiaoying and Prof. Chengong Participated Seminar on Welfare for the Aged in Taiwan Jun 18 2008
Prof. Mu Guangzong’s Visit to Taiwan Jun 13 2008
Qiu Yue attended The 2008 Young Chinese Leaders Forum in Shanghai Jun 07 2008
Professor Zheng Xiaoying was invited to join the Committee of APECLSIF Feb 13 2008
The 6th Information Conference on China Population Problems Feb 04 2008
Researchers In IPR Won National Science and Technology Support Funding Jan 04 2008
International Forum on Disability and Development Nov 13 2007
Prof. Qiao Xiaochun went to Paris  to participate its “Seminar on the Revision of Multilingual Demographic Dictionary” Oct 20 2007
MOU Signed by Peking University and Griffith University to Establish the International Cooperation Center on Development, Environment and Population Health Nov 19 2005
Prof. Qiao Xiaochun, invited and funded by International Population Association, went to France to participate its 25 annual conference July 24 2005

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