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Population and Development 2008

No.1, 2008

WANG Gui-xin, SHEN Jian-fa, LIU Jian-bo, Citizenization of Peasant Migrants during Urbanization in China—— A Case Study of Shanghai

CHEN You-hua, Several Problems on Adjustment of Fertility Policy

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum : Whether Has the Task of Controlling Population Increase in China been Completed?

HOU Ya-fei, MA Xiao-hong, HUANG Kuang-shi, Research on the Fertility Desire and Behavior of Beijing Urban Women from Only-child Families.

MU Guang-zong, REN Yi-fan, HU Mei-hua, Exploring the Welfare- oriented Mechanism of Population and Family Planning Program In Accordance with Market Economy —— Study on “Shangyu Case”

No.2, 2008

QIAO, Xiao-chun, Analysis on Population Status with Separation of Living Areas from Their Household Located Areas and Consideration of Reform of Household Institution in Beijing, China

ZHANG Wei, MIAO Yan-ping, DING Jin-hong, Characteristic Analysis on “Bring-along Migration” of Floating Population in Big Cities——Take Minhang District in Shanghai as Example

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum : Does the Fertility Control Policy Impact on the Unbalance of Sex Ratio at Birth?

Hu Yu-kun, Disease Burdens, Structural Challenges and Policy Options: Rural Chinese Women’s Health Under the Landscape of Globalization

No.3, 2008

PANG Li-hua, CHEN Gong, SONG Xin-ming et al, The Choice of Abortion and Choice of Children’s Sex: An Exploration Analysis

SONG Lu, LI Shu-zhuo, LI Liang, The Impact of Care for Grandchildren on Psychological Well-being of the Rural Elderly

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: Shortage of Migrant Workers: Status quo and Future

REN Qiang, FU Qiang, ZHU Yu-shu, Returns to Education Based on Household Registration System: A Re-examination to Wage Disparity

QI Xin, LI Cai-mao, CHEN Xiao-fen, GUO Yong, Report on the Social Security for the Disabled Persons in Beijing

No.4, 2008

Working Group of Human Complete Development, Discussion on the Human Complete Development and the Way out of Chinese Population Problems

TONG Yu-fen, LIU Guang-jun, Ageing of Population in Beijing Municipality and the Effect Thereof Caused to Social Security Expenditure

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: Wenchuan Earthquake & the Population Development

WEI Xiao-lin, ZHANG Zhan-xin, Urban Migrants’ Status of Household Registration and Their Utilization of Health Services——Evidence from Guandu District, Kunming City

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