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Market & Demographic Analysis 2007

No.1, 2007

ZHENG Xiao-ying et al., Future Population and Human Capital in China

SHAO Huai-you, ZHU Yu, “In Situ Urbanization” in the Desakota Region of the Surrounding Area of Large Cities: Case Studies from Fuzhou Municipality

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: Focus on “Dealing with Population Problems Systematically and Comprehensively

CHEN You-hua, Knowledge about Farther Perfection of Fertility Policy in China

LIU Xiao-bin, LI Shu-zhuo, ZHANG Ye-hua, An Exploratory Investigation of Floating Children’s Birth Registration in China

No.2, 2007

YANG Ju-hua, Local Variations of Birth Planning Policy and Child Overweight in transitional China

ZHOU Hua, Out-Migrant and Characteristics of Household in Rural Area ---- Analysis Based on the Origin

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: The 50th Anniversary Memory of Ma Yin-chu’s “New Population Theory”

GU Bao-chang, My Understanding on the Issue of Sex Ratio at Birth

No.3, 2007

YU Lu, ZHAO Yong-quan, Population Distribution, Segregation Indices and The Geographical Perspective

SONG Jian, HOU Jia-wei, Management of Floating People in Beijing: Seen from Policies and Regulations

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: Choice and Directions of Family Planning Work in the Construction of New Rural Areas

HE Jing-xi, LU Yang, Effect of Informal Employment on A Special Group of the Peasants without Farmland: A Case Study in the Suburb Chengdu

No.4, 2007

ZHANG Zheng, LI Jing, Movement of Farmers-turned-laborers and Rural Middle-aged Unemployment in China

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum : The Deep Discussion on the Population Bonus Hypothesis

SONG Xin-ming, ZHENG Xiao-ying et al., Two Significant Changes of Male/Female Relative Mortality Risk in Chinese Reproductive Age Groups in the Twentieth Century

ZHU Jun-sheng, On the Universal BasicHealth Protection System

No.5, 2007

YANG Yang, WANG Tong-kun, QI Qiu-yin, Spatial Structure and Determinants of China Rural Labor Immigration

MENG Qing-yan, XU Hao-lan, The Impacts of Urban UMT on Population Redistribution —— A Case study of Shanghai UMT Line1

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: The Harmonious Family Planning Program : the Discussion between Theory and Practice

LIU Su-lin, XING Long, Difficult Migration Process : Jianziwan Population Migration (Late Qing Dynasty to 1949)

No.6, 2007

BAN Mao-sheng, SUN Sheng-mei, The Mainly Difference and Reform Basic thought of Policy of Population and Society in Yangzi Delta

WEI Pu, The Current Status and Influential Factors of Old Women’s Social Engagement: Practical Study Base on Survey Data of Shanghai City

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: Focusing on National Defense and Population Issues

HUANG Run-long, Analyses on Social Security of the Laborers ——from the Rural Areas in South Jiangsu


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