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Market & Demographic Analysis 2006

No.1, 2006

LI Shu-zhuo, WEI Yan, JIANG Quan-bao, Girl Child Survival in China: Past, Present and Prospect

CHEN Sheng-li, YUAN Jian-hua, MO Li-xia, Will China Face A Big Shortage of Brides in Future?

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: The Choices of the China Fertility Policies in the Future

SONG Jian, Provincial Population Aging Situation in China Under the Influence of Floating People

SONG Xin-ming, WU Ji-lei, CHEN Gong, Spatial Analysis on Geographical Risk Factors of Birth Defects

No.2, 2006

MA Xin-ya, WANG GUI-xin, Influence of Regional Economic Factors on Immigration and ZHANG Zhi-min, TANG Chang-hai, ZHANG Wei, Urbanization in Yangtze Delta: A Study Based on Panel Data

The Influence of Effective Human Capital on Advanced Labor – Force Evolution ----The Case of Hubei Province

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: Pension System: New Regulations and New Challenges

HU Yu-kun, The Population “Numbers Game” from A Village Perspective and Its Reflections

No.3, 2006

QIAO Xiao-chun, The Choices of Chinese Fertility Policy in the Future

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: Care for Girls and Sex Ratio at Birth

ZHOU Li-ping, Taking the Harmoniously-developing Road of Urbanization with Metropolis Oriented

ZHU Bao-shu, Urbanization and Comprehensive Reform of a Unified Rural – Urban Plan

No.4, 2006

ZHENG Xiao-ying, The Role of the Family Planning Network in the Building of the New Countryside

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: The Building A New Socialist Countryside: Our Understandings and Suggestions

YANG Shu-zhang, WANG Guang-zhou, Fertility Decline and Imbalance of Sex Ratio under Birth Control

CHEN Gong et al., The Future Population of Beijing ---- A Projection on the Population, Human Capital and Urbanization using PDE Model

No.5, 2006

WANG Gui-xin, ZHANG De-zhi, Research on the Survival Conditions and Social Inclusion of the Immigrants in Shanghai City

LI Shu-zhuo, YANG Xu-song, JIN Xiao-yi, Complexity of Rural – Urban Migrants Social Networks in China

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: Developing Thoughts about China Medical Security Mechanism

GU Lin, Changes in Activities of Daily Living(ADL) of the Elderly in China

LIANG Zhong-tang, A Study on the Chinese Family Planning Policy

No.6, 2006

PANG Li-hua et al., Trends of Population and Human Capital in Shanghai

Ma Yin-Chu Population Forum: Mortality, Health and Reform of Medical System in China

YE Wen-zhen et al., Study on the Mate – selection Intention of the “Floating” girls

XIA Yi-ran, The Study on Leisure Lives of Peasant–workers in City: A Survey from Lucheng Industry District in Wenzhou


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