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Market & Demographic Analysis 2005     

No.1, 2005

ZHENG Xiao-ying et al., Evaluation of Security Project of Chinese Population Health: The Experiences and Lessons for Implementation of PHC Project in China Rural

HOU Hui-li, Occupational Status Improvement of Women in Rural Immigrants in Markets Transition: Research on Rural Immigrants Communities in Five Cities in China

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: MA Yin-chu and China Population Science

HE Jing-xi, FAN Fang-shi, Transition from Population Burden to Human Resources : A Case Study on Sichuan Province

No.2, 2005

CHEN Gong, et al., Security and Population Security: Development and Discussion of It’s Conception

ZHANG Shang-yu, YU Lu, PENG Ji-zuo, Development of Contemporary Female Migration of China and its Structural Characteristics

JIANG Lei-wen, REN Qiang, The Projection of Population, Households and Housing Demand in China

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: Focus on Pouplation Health in Rural, Promote Development of Rural

ZHU Jun-sheng, et al., Analysis on Rural Social Insurance System of the aged : Example from Daxing

No.3, 2005

HUANG Chen-xi, et al., Make Work Pay : A Case Study of Minimum Living Guarantee System for Urban Residents in Shanghai

BIAN Shu, SUN Ya-na, MU Huai-zhong, The Payment Level and Finance Support Capacity of Endowment Insurance

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: Hold “Children First”, Concern Children’s Health

LI Jia-ming, LI Fu-bing, An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Human Capital and Corporate Performance

No.4, 2005

XIA Hai-yong, See Through the Scarcity of Migrant Workers: Analysis of Transference Situation of Chinese Rural Labor According to Population Economics

DU Feng-lian, WANG Jing, Unemployment and the Earning Differentials by Gender

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: Analysis of the Phenomenon of “Lowest-Low fertility”

LIANG Hong, CHU Liang, A Comparison of Two Schools on Rural Endowment Insurance in China

No.5, 2005

WANG Hong-xia, WANG Gui-xin, Manufacturing Firm Cluster and the Development of Population Urbanization during the Process of Entering Opening Market: an Empirical Analysis of the Population Urbanization in Yangtz River Delt Area from 1984 to 2002

GUI Shi-xun, Aging Population with Fewer Children in Shanghai and Sustainable Development Strategy

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: See Through the Floating Population : New Characteristics, New Problems and New Visual Angle

GU Jian-tang, An Exploration on the Impact of Confucianism on Traditional Idea of Marriage and Child-bearing, and Ethnic Related to Family

No.6, 2005

YU Lu, ZHANG Shan-yu, An Analysis of the Spatial Feature of Beijing Population Distribution in Recent Years

MA Yin-chu Population Science Forum: How Low the Chinese Fertility Can be ?

LI Rui-de, The Rural Youth’s Fertility Desire: An Empirical Study

QIAO Xiao-chun, Applications and Comments on Contemporary Statistical Methods


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