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Market & Demographic Analysis 2004     

No.1, 2004

ZHANG Zhan-xin, Unemployment of Urban Women in Market Transition: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Fingdings

PENG Zhai-wen, An Analysis on the Effects of Informal Employment on Social Security System in Urban China

WANG Yi-yan, Quantitative Analysis on Urban Social-Economic Factors Attraction Immigration

REN Yuan, From Lowering Fertility to Stabilizing Low Fertility: A Research on Factors Associate with Fertility Rate and Policy Implications in Context of Negative Natural Increase in Shanghai

No.2, 2004

WANG Yi-jie and GAO Yan, Economic Status, Social Support and Self-identification of Migrants

ZHANG Ru-li, Peasant-Transformed Worker's Education Level and Their Adaptation to Work in City

MA Xiao-hong and HOU Ya-fei, A Study on Beijing's population Variation Trend in the Future 50 Years

WANGHai-tao,REN qiang, et al., The Housing Marketization and Its Determinants in China:A Case Study of Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou and Chongqing

No.3, 2004

ZHANG Shan-yu, An Analysis on Migration Situation in China Based on Birth Place

GUO Yan, The Analysis of Regional Distribution and Change Pattern of China Labor Force Employment Structure in the 1990s

LIN Yu-ming, Understanding the Long Time of Individual Account Transform from Empty to Solic

ZENG Xu-hui, The Role of Human Capital in Re-employment Labor Market: The Case of Laid-off Woman Workers in Chengdu

HAN Yong-jiang, A View of Bearing Culture in Information Society

No.4, 2004

CHEN Wei, ZHUANG Ya-er, Testing and Evaluating Policy Impact on Demographic Trends in China

PENG Xi-zhe, LIU Yu-hui, Econlogical Footprint and Regional Eco-Optimum Population

GUI Shi-xun, The Study on the Old Age Insurance Pattern for the Urban Floating Employee in China

ZHU Jun-sheng, TUO Guo-zhu, Commercial Health Insurance and the Rural Health Security System

No.5, 2004

XI Xiao-ping, LUO Mai, Study the Population Thought of Deng Xiaoping to Advance the Family Planning in China

ZHU Nong, ZENG Zhao-jun, The Impacts of Openness on Regional Disparity and Inter-provincial Migratory Flow in China

WEI Xing, WANG Gui, Study on Inter-area Migration Characteristics of East China, Midland China and West China

LI Yu-shi, Evaluation of Social Services and Programs on American Alzheimer’s Patients and Their Home Caregivers

No.6, 2004

WANG Wei-guo, XU Yong, LI Qiu-ying, Quantitative Analysis on Change of Age Structure to Development of Economy

LI Ying, Quantitative Analysis on Sex Difference of Retirement Pension for Urban Employees in China

LIU Han-cheng, MEI Fu-lin, Empirical Analysis on Migration of Rural Population and Innovation of System in Urbanization of China

LI Quan-mian, Study on “Households of Grandparents with Grandchildren (HGG)” at the Stage of Social Transformation


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