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Market & Demographic Analysis 2003     

No.1, 2003

HUANG Rong-qing, Studies on Urban Population

CHEN Ying-tao, Economic Analysis On the Current Family Problems

LIANG Hong, Health and Medical Service Status Among Elderly in Beijing

No.2, 2003

WANG Guang-zhou, On the Feasibility Analysis Method and Application of Goal Planning of Population and Family Planning

HUANG Cheng-li, The Gender Differences between Medical Services Utilization and Medical Expenditure in Chinese Poor Rural Area

WANG Jia-bao, Analyzing Smoking History and Mortality of the Oldest-old

No.3, 2003

LUO LI-yan, Expansion of Cost-effect Analysis of Children and its Contribution to Demographic Transition in China

HUANG Run-long, Current Residence Should be the Basis of Population Census

CHEN Cai-xia, Life and Contentment: A Comparison Between the Elderly in Suburb Village and Urban Area of Beijing

No.4, 2003

WANG Gui-xin, Study on the Regional Patten of China’s Inter-Provincial Migration

LI Ruo-jian, Distribution of the Floating Population and the Reform of the Household Registration System

CHEN Ming, Reflections on the Rural Workers’ Rushing Home Triggered by SARS

No.5, 2003

LIN Xiang-hua, Study on Changes and Spatial Distribution of the Labor Force in Guangdong Province

XIA Yi-ran, YE Wen-zhen, An Analysis of Health Care of Floating Children

WU Jie, Populaiton in China 2002

No.6, 2003

LI Jun-feng, Analysis on Differences of Employment Quality Based on Sex

YANG Li, The Current Situation and Problem of Shanghai Low-aged Unemployment

ZHANG Shan-yu, An Analysis on the Labour Age Population in China Based on the Census Data


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