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Market & Demographic Analysis 2002     

No.1, 2002

ZHAI Zhen-wu, Demand and Market of Reproductive Health Industrial in China

YE Wen-zhen, Numerical Control: The Guide to China’s Population Fertility Policy in the 21st Century

LI Jing, On the Obstacles Facing the Reform of Household Registration System in Big Cities

No.2, 2002

TAN Ke-jian, Changes in the Conditions of Fertility Control and Its Countermeasures

WANG Xiao-jun, Analysis on the Financial Sustainability of Pension System in China

ZHANG Shan-yu, A Primary Analysis of the Main Statistics of US 2000 Census

No.3, 2002

GENG Lin, The Most Popular Enterprise Complementary Pension Product: 401K Plan

LI Dong-li, AIDS/HIL Prevention in the Changing Times

LIU Chuan-jiang, The Development of China’s Urbanization: An Analysis Frame of New Institutional Economics

No.4, 2002

WU Zhong-guan, LIU Jia-qiang, Research on Trend and Development of Employment for the Early Twenty- First Century in China

LI Ruo-jian, From Refusal to Acceptance: Study on Regulating the Floating Labor Force

MU Guang-zong, Losing and Overcoming: Searching the Theoretical Support for the Policies of Aging

No.5, 2002

LIU Shuang, Change in Sex Composition of Children during Fertility Transition

CHEN Wei, Determinants of Induced Abortion in China: A Multilevel Analysis

FENG Xiao-tian, ZHANG Qing-song, Study on the Transition of Fertility Desire among Rural and Urban Residents in the Past Twenty Years

No.6, 2002

CHEN Jian, Modernization, Demographic Transition, and Post-demographic Transition

CAI Li, The Authentic Proof Analysis to Housing Area Uniform Distribution

Y. C. Yu, When the Population of China Reached 100 Million Persons for the First Time


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