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Market & Demographic Analysis 2001

No.1, 2001

ZHANG Wei-qing, China’s Population Issues and Strategies in 21st Century

WANG Jian-gang, An Analysis of the Risk Factors of the Revenue and Expenditure Balance of the Endowment Insurance

WANG Hong-man, An Analysis of the Determinants about Senior Citizens’ Re-employment

No.2, 2001

XU Qin, Identification and Examination of Ages among the Oldest Old

SONG Xin-ming, CHEN Gong, Seminar Round up on Health and Longevity in China

LI Jing, HU Chun-cai, ZHANG Xi-fei, Analysis on Population Urbanization in Western Development

No.3, 2001

CHEN You-hua, Ulrich Mueller, Chinese Male Overpopulation—— Scale, Structure, Influence Factors and Development Trends Analysis

CHANG Gen-fa, The Mechanism and its Reconstruction for the Aged Support Under the Impact of Population Ageing in China

HUANG Rong-qing, Experience Life Table and General Life Table

No.4, 2001

JIANG Xiang-qun, A Demo-Economical Study on Changes of Economic Values of the Elderly

ZHU Bao-shu, On the Issues of Lagging-behind Urbanization Level of China

ZHANG Wei-min, A Successful Census—— Progress of China’s Fifth Census

No.5, 2001

LI Jian-min, Mature Economics and Ageing Economics

ZHANG Kai-ning, LI Jun, etc, Health Services for the Poor: A Key Issue of Population and Development in the 21 century

LUO Mai, A Report on the New Marital and Reproductive Custom—— Mianyang City of Sichuang Province as An Example

No.6, 2001

Editorial Board, Forum on Current Situation, Problems and Development of Population Studies in China

QI Ming-zhu, XU Zheng, The Macroeconomic Effects of the Pension Reform Scheme: A Comparative Study between Developed Countries and China

SONG Xin-ming, Necessity and Feasibility of Birth Defection Intervention in China


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