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Market & Demographic Analysis 2000

No.1, 2000

YU Xue-jun, Returns to Human Capital during the Economic Transition in Urban China

CHEN Wei, MENG Xiang-jing, China’s Population Carrying Capacity: A Literature Review

GUI Shi-xun, Effects of Demographic Factors on Social Policies in China

No.2, 2000

LIANG Hong, The Life Period of Saving and Pension

YAO Yuan, Some Questions about the Aged Culture of China from Theoretical Angles

HOU Dong-min, Government Should Take Effective Steps to Solve the Problem of Age Security for Rural Family Planning Families

No.3, 2000

YUAN Xin, Population Transition & Its Further Development in the West of China

WANG Gui-xin, Labor Force Effect of Shanghai Population Transition- Aging and Sustainable Development of Economy

ZHOU Chang-hong, Some Considerations of Improving the Performance of Rural Family Planning in the 21st Century

No.4, 2000

TIAN Xue-yuan, Population Development Report for Tenth Five-year Plan and 2010

JIANG Lei-wen, Demographic Analysis on Regional Environment Protection

MU Guang-zong, The Prospect and Strategy of Development of Mature Industry

No.5, 2000

LI Jian-min, Coordination of Old-age Social Security and Socio-economic Policies in China

QIAO Xiao-chun, An Assessment of Future Elderly Support Issues in Rural China

ZHOU Hao, Quantitative Review on the Chinese Migration Researches

No.6, 2000

ZHOU Shuang-chao, The Strategic Roles of Population Environment in the Development of Western China

CHEN Bi-xia, On the Transformation of Household Human Capital Investment and Rational Investment

QIU Hai-ying, The Change of Urban Elders’ Residential Patterns and its Effect on Real Estate Market    


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