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Xiaoying ZHENG

Professor, Ph.D Supervisor, Institute of Population Research, Peking University


Brief Biographic Xiaoying ZHENG, Ph.D, MD.

Dr Xiaoying Zheng is professor and director in Institute of Population Research /WHO Collaborating Center for Reproductive Health and Population Science at Peking University. She has been appointed as Yang Zi Professor of National Yang Zi Award Scholar Program and Leading Scientist, National “ 973” program of Population and Health (Environment and Genetic Interaction of birth Defect in China) of MOST.

After receiving her MD in Medicine from Hebei Medical University (1983), Dr. Zheng then received her M.S.(1988), and PhD (1991) degrees in History (Physical Anthropology) from Peking University and did her research fellow in reproductive health at London School of Hygiene & tropical Medicine at London University (1994) selected by WHO, post-doctoral fellowship in population and reproductive health at Harvard Center of Population and Development Studies at Harvard School of Public Health (1994-95), and research fellow at  Harvard Faculty of Art and Science Research at Harvard University (1995-96), guest professor, Gate Institute, Population of School of Public Health, John Hopkins University (2001). Prior to assuming her positions at the Shang Hai Jiao Tong University as Executive Vice-Dean of Medical School (2002-04), she practiced as a OB/GYN clinical doctor in poor area of North of China (1983-85).  

Dr. Zheng has been teaching the Chinese course entitled Population Health and Economic since 1999 and English course entitled Social Science Research on Reproductive Health together with her colleagues since 1998. Her primary research areas are in changes of reproductive health, health economic and development, genetic and environmental interaction of birth defect with monitoring two cohorts (embryo development cohort and birth cohort)

Dr. Zheng has authored over 150 journal papers, chapters, and edited books.  She has received more than 30 peer-reviewed research grants since 1991 from the WHO, South-South Cooperation, UNIFEM, UNDP, World Bank, Ford Foundation, UNICEFARROW and governments (NSFC, MOSTNSBNPSFC, National Disability Federation, National Women Federation, NRDC and ect.), and National Excellent Yong Scholar Fund in 2000. Among her 26 awards, the important research awards are “The First Outstanding Post-doctoral Fellow Awards” (2000), “State Governmental Special Fund” (2004); “National Outstanding Post-doctoral Fellow Award” (2005); “Yang Zi Professor in China” (2005); “Special Contrition Award for Chinese Population Development Strategy” (2006); “Special Contribution Award for Chinese Population and  Development Strategy” (2007); “Special Contribution Award during 2001-2008 of consultant for Asian-Pacific Reproductive Health Advisory Panel of Human Reproductive Special Program and Department of Reproductive Health of  UNFPA/WHO/UNDP/World Band” (2008).

Dr. Zheng also served as a consultant to the UNICEF, UNFEM, Asian-pacific Regional Reproductive Health Advisory Panel of World Health Organization (RAP/WHO), APEC and ect.. She is currently Vice-President of Chinese Population Association, Vice-President of Chinese Science and Technology of Birth Health Association, Vice President of China Anti-epilepsy Association, Deputy Director of National Ageing Research and Teaching Committee of Ministry of Civil Affairs, member of Chinese HIV/AIDs Prevention Committee of CDC, Deputy Director of the fifth and six UNFPA Chinese Program on Reproductive Health Advisory Committee. And board member of Journal of Population Ageing (Oxford University), Chief Editor of Population and Development (CSSCI) and several other journals board member. In 2008, Dr. Zheng has been  appointed as member of Leading Board of Life Science Innovation Forum of APEC.

Main Publications:


Xiaoying ZHENG, Xibing Sun, Min Liu, 2007. The Strategy Research on Disability

Prevention in China. Hua Xia Press, Bejijng, China.

Xiaoying ZHENG, 2006. The Theory and Practice: The Framework of Birth Defect

Prevention, Peking University Press, Beijing.

Xinming Song, Gong Chen, Xiaoying ZHENG, 2005. The Theory and Practice:

Improving Birth Health--- The Evaluation on Introduction of Multiple - Nutrition of Women, Peking University Press, Beijing.

Xiaoying ZHENG, 1997. The Study on Reproductive Health, Chinese Population

Peking University Press, Beijing (Won the second prize of Ministry Class).

Xiaoying ZHENG and Ye Xinsheng, 1995. The Natural Fertility Regulation, Beijing Medical University, Beijing.

Books( as Chief Editor)

Kai Cheng, Xiaoying ZHENG (Chief Editors), Xingming Chen, Gong Chen(Vice Chief Editors), ( Editor Borad: Pufang deng, Xinxian Wang, Weimin Zhang, Yupei Dou, Xiaowei Ma, Xiaoquan Tang), 2007. The Seris Book of Disability Populaition and Development. Hua Xia Press, Beijing, China

Xiaoying ZHENG, Xiaotao Jin (Chief Editors), 2006. Focus on Younger Population in China “The Proceeding of the Second Advanced Discussion Meeting in Consultation and Information on Population Concerns in China” Chinese Population Press. Beijing, China.

Xiaoying ZHENG, Xiaotao Jin (Chief Editors), 2006. Focus on Population Health in China “The Proceeding of the Third Advanced Discussion Meeting in Consultation and Information on Population Concerns in China” Chinese Population Press. Beijing, China.

Xiaotao Jin, Xiaoying ZHENG, (Chief Editors) ,2004. Focus on the Chinese Population Security, “The Proceeding of the First Advanced Discussion Meeting in Consultation and Information on Population Concerns in China” Chinese Population Press. Beijing, China.

Xiaoying ZHENG(Chief Editor), 1995. The Studies on Problems and Development of Chinese Female Population. Peking University Press, Beijing (Won the third prize of National Women Book).

Shijie Guan((Chief Editor)), Dayong Niu, Xiaoying ZHENG(Vice Chief Editors), 2004. The World Culture of Angles from East Asian. Chinese-Harvard International Preceding. Peking Univeristy Press. Beijing, China. 

You YunzhongZHENG Xiaoying(Chief Editors), Mortality and Health of the Chinese Population: Levels, Patterns, Causes and Trends since the 1880s,Peking University Press.2005.3


Books (as Translator or Corrector)

Xiaoying ZHENG (Traslator), 1994.( [UK] (B.A.Wood,) Human Evaluation ), Peking University Press, Beijing, China

Xiaoying ZHENG (Corrector), Hu Yang, Tuohong Zhang(Translators), ( [US] William C. Cockerham: Medical Sociology2001. Medical  Sosiology,, Hua Xia Press, Beijing, China

Xiaoying ZHENG (Corrector), Gong Chen, Lihua Pang (Traslators), ([US]Louis G. Pol Richard K. Thomas, The Demography of Health and Health Care), 2005. Health Demography, Peking University, Beijing, China 

Papers in Chinese (selected)

ZHENG Xiaoying , Chen Gong, Pang Lihua, Cao Guiying, Ren Qiang, Liu Yubo,   Zhang Lei, Ji Yin, 2007. Future Population and Human capital in China, Market and Demographic Analysis, Vol. 13, No.1:1-11.

ZHENG Xiaoying , Ren Qiang, 2007. The Introduction of Reproductive Health and the  Transition of Chinese Married Women’s Contraceptive Using Model: Changes of Contraceptives model in terms of its Medical Control models and Self-control models since the introduction of ICPD, Population and Economics,   No. 6: 5-11.

ZHENG Xiaoying , 2007. Interdisciplinary Developing: Important Contents of Flourishing Philosophy and Social ScienceJournal of Philosophy and Social    Sciences Peking University, Vol.44, No.3: 141-147.

ZHENG Xiaoying , 2007. The Change in Dysfunctional Pregnant Outcomes in China   and its Implications to Populations Health Chinese Journal of Population Science, No.3:48-54.

ZHENG Xiaoying , Song Xinming, Chen Gong, Chen Jiapeng, Ji Ying, Wu Jilei, Liu Jufen, Zhang Lei, Fan Xianghua, 2007. Epidemiology of Birth Defects in    High-prevalence Areas of China, Chin J Epidemiol, Vol.28, No.1:5-9.

Chen Gong, Song Xinming, Qin Yunshi, Huang Chengli, Yin Tong, ZHENG Xiaoying*, 2007. Reducing the Risk of  Birth Defects: Activities and   Suggestions, Chinese Journal of Family Planning, Vol.15,No.5:284-286.

ZHENG Xiaoying , Jing Feng, Li Chengfu, Wu Jilei, Zhang Lei, 2007. The Study on     Environmental Risks of Birth Defect in Wuxi City, Chinese Journal of Family    Planning,Vol.15, No.5:273-275

Qin Yunshi, Jing Feng, Zhang Weiyang, Guo Hongchou, Wang Yong, ZHENG    Xiaoying*, 2007. Pregnant Women’s Knowledge, Behavior and Utility of Prevention services of  for Birth Defect in Wuxi City, Chinese Journal of     Family Planning Vol.15, No.5:275-277

Song Xinming, Chen Gong, Zhang Weiyang, Liu Jufen, Li Shujie, ZHENG Xiaoying*, 2007. Level, Pattern and Changing Trend of Birth Defect in Wuxi City, Chinese Journal of Family Planning Vol.15, No.5:277-281

Li Chengfu, Chen Rong, Guo Hongchou, Wang Cuntong, Yintong, ZHENG   Xiaoying*, 2007. The Experiences and Patterns of Birth Defect Prevention in Wuxi City, Chinese Journal of Family Planning Vol.15, No.5:281-283

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English Publications:

Jin-Feng Wang*, Xin-Hu Li, Ye-Lan Liao, Tin Zhang, Xue Gu, Xiao-Ying Zheng*2008. Geographical Detectors-Based Health Risk Assessment and its Application in the Neural Tube Defects Study of the Heshun Region, ChinaInternational Journal of Geographical Information ScienceIJGIS(in press). 

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Ting Zhang, Ruolei Xin, Xue Gu, Fang Wang, Lijun Pei, Liangming Lin, Gong Chen, Jianxin Wu and Xiaoying Zheng*, 2008. Maternal serum vitamin B12, folate, and homocysteine and the risk of neural tube defects in the offspring in a high-risk area of China, Public Health Nutrition, June, 12:1-7.

Hong-Yang ZhangGuo-An Luo*, Qiong-Lin Liang , Yong Wang , Hui-Hua Yang , Yi-Ming Wang , Xiao-Ying Zheng,*, Xin-Ming SongGong Chen, Ting Zhang, Jian-Xin Wu2008. Neural tube defects and disturbed maternal folate- and homocysteine-mediated one-carbon metabolismExperimental Neurology2008.04.044.

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