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Associate Professor

M.A. & Ph.D. (2002-2007), majored in Population Health and Management, Institute of Population Research, Peking University, China.

        Lei Zhang is a lecturer of Institute of Population Research, Peking University after finished her Ph.D. degree there. She was the 5-year Ph.D. candidate, and during those 5 years, she was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, and attended “Young Scientist Summer Program” organized by IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) in Vienna, Austria, 2006. She finished the project of “The Impact of Population Projection on Meadow Degradation of Western China: case of Inner Mongolia” when she worked in IIASA. Her Ph. D. thesis was “Study of Disabled Population Projection of China”, and it explored population projection model of different health status by using the data of the Second China National Sample Survey on Disability in 2006. Lei Zhang’s research interest is Population Health and Management, Construction and Development of Health Projection Model, Population Health, Resources & Environment.


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