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Courses & Programme

Course for Ph.D

Research on Population Science Topics


Research on Population Health and Health Economics Topics


Advanced Applied Statistical Analysis


Research on Population and Social issues


Research on Aging and Social issues

Course for Master

Introduction of Demography,

Survival Analysis,


Multiple Analysis,

Life Course Research-Theory and Method,


Structural Equation Model,

Population Economics,


Social Gerontology,

Social Security and Welfare for Elderly,


Theory and Practice of Social Gender Development,

Demographic Analysis Technique,


Population and Health,

Theory of Demography,


World Population,

Population and Society,


Industrial and Commercial Demography,

Reproductive Health and Social Science,


Mathematical Demography,

Population, Resource and Environmental Economics,


Research Method for Social Science,

Evaluation of Social Projects,


Social Statistics and Computer Application,

Social Epidemiology,


Sampling Survey,

Geographic Information System,


Applied Regression Analysis

Qualitative Analysis



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