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Institute of Population Research, Peking University

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China Research Center for Disability and Development, Peking University
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China Research Center for Disability and Development,

 Peking University


     In July 2006, Peking University, China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) and the Office of the Second China Sample Survey on Disability signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. On the basis of early cooperation, CDPF and Peking University jointly established the China Research Center for Disability and Development. In July 6, 2007, on the opening ceremony of the Third Forum of China's demographers, and Seminar as the Commemoration of Mr. Ma Yinchu, which was held by Institute of Population Research, PKU, Wang Xinxian, Party Secretary of CDPF and Yang He, Vice Party Secretary of PKU jointly hold the unveiling ceremony of the China Research Center for Disability and Development. The Center is the first state-level research institution for the cause of the persons with disability, which is a cooperative construction by both CDPF and PKU. Relying on the multidisciplinary research feature of the Institute of Population Research and the advantages of PKU as a comprehensive university, this research center’s main mission is to conduct basic theoretical and applied researches in the fields of employment, education, social security, disability prevention, barrier-free environment, etc. for persons with disability and to carry out training program, disability survey and monitoring, domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, etc.



The main members are:

Special Consultant

        Peiyun Peng


Honorable Director:

Pufang DENG, President of CDPF

Honorable Deputy-Directors:

Xinxian WANG, Alternate Member of the

 Central Committee of

Communist Party of China,

Party Secretary of CDPF

Zhihong XU, Academician of the Science

 Academy of China, President of PKU

Xiaoquan TANG, President of CDPF


Guoyou ZHANG, Vice-President of PKU

Kai CHENG, Vice-President of CDPF

Executive Directors:

Xinmin, CHEN, Director of the Research Office of CDPF

Gong CHEN, Executive Director of the Institute of Aging Studies

Directors of Scientific Committee:

Xiaoying ZHENG, Director of IPR

Kai CHENG, Vice-President of CDPF

Directors of Policy Advisory Committee:

Xiande SUN, Vice-President of CDPF

Zhifei SHEN, Vice-President of CDPF




Contact PersonGong Chen



Mail AddressInstitute of Population Research, No.5 Yiheyuan Rd., Haidian District, Beijing, China,100871


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