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Dr. Zhang Lei Attended "The 2nd Asia-Pacific CBR Congress "

         In the context of First Asia-Pacific CBR congress held in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2009,  "The Second Asia-Pacific CBR (Community Based Congress) Congress" was held on Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, 2011, in Manila, Philippine. Dr. Zhang Lei, from Institute of Population Research, Peking University / China Research Center of Disability and Development, PKU, was invited to attend the congress.

Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino , Chairperson of National Council of Disability Affairs Corazon Juliano Soliman, chairperson of CBR Asia-Pacific Network Noor Yasmin Abdul Karm, the World Health Organization Representative in the Philippines Soe Nyunt-U, and the  Regional Director of CBM South East Asia & Pacific Region Rainer Guetler were attending the opening session. More than 600 registered representatives and totally more than 1,000 participants from 48 countries and regions attend the congress.

The congress was an opportunity for countries in the region to share/enhance the Regional Framework for Action on Community-based Rehabilitation 2010-2020. It emphasized that CBR is a rights-based community development strategy, based on the principle of inclusion, participation, self-advocacy, and sustainability. The congress discussed the best practices relative to the implementation of the CRPD and their experiences and recommendations in establishing the link between CBR and the UN-CRPD. It shared on how CBR might be a meaningful tool in generating awareness and in establishing support mechanisms to ensure that persons with disabilities will enjoy their rights and be protected as citizens of their respective nations.

Four objectives were set to the congress which were: (1) to promote multi-sectoral partnerships for the implementation of UNCRPD, MDG and other development initiatives; (2) to share good practices in CBR for inclusive Development; (3) to promote the CBR Asia-Pacific Network; (4) to explore the possibilities of forming the CBR global network. Based on the above objectives, all the representatives had several spirited discussion on the topic of  "CBR country experience", "mental health" "HIV / AIDS", "gender equality among persons with disability", "chronic illnesses", "armed conflict situation", "climate change, disasters risk reduction, emergency response, "" the livelihood of people with disabilities, "" social participation of persons with disabilities: attitudinal change "," Inclusive Education "," NHE / ICT transportation accessibility "," disabled people's organizations "," working with media and research institutions. " "support organization" et al. 30 topics related to the development of persons with disabilities.

Dr. Zhang Lei had a discussion with Ms. Cai Yinghong (Country Representative of China, CBM China Office) and Ms. You Hong (Director, department of rehabilitation, CDPF) on the topic of "academic research and CBR development in China".



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